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Toshshakhartranskhizmat provides info about purchase of buses worth $57.5 million

On September 30, Toshshakhartranskhizmat announced that 275 new buses will be delivered to the capital by the end of 2022. A Kun.uz correspondent contacted the organization’s press service regarding the price of these buses and sources of financing.

Photo: Toshshakhartranskhizmat

It is reported that buses worth about 633 billion soums are being purchased from 2 joint enterprises located in Samarkand within the system of Uzavtosanoat JSC.

In particular, 190 large-capacity buses of the MAN A22 CNG model are being purchased for 2 billion 901 million 600 thousand soums, including VAT. The total value of buses purchased from Uz Truck and Bus Motors LLC amounts to 551 billion 304 million soums.

The factory price of these buses is more than 2 billion 775 million soums. The employee of the company’s call center informed that this price is not currently valid and is being updated.

Another product (85 units of medium-capacity SAZ LE 60 buses) purchased by Toshshakhartranskhizmat JSC costs 950 million 540 thousand soums including VAT. The total value of buses purchased from Samarkand Automobile Plant LLC exceeds 80 billion 795 million soums.,

Photo: Toshshakhartranskhizmat

According to the information of the call center of SamAuto company, these buses are currently on sale for 1 billion 20 million soums.

Reportedly, a total of 275 buses worth 632 billion 99 million soums are being purchased at the expense of NBU loan funds based on the presidential decision to improve the public transport system in Tashkent. This amount exceeds $57.5 million according to the CB exchange rate on October 3.

Toshshakhartranskhizmat informed that TRUCK AND BUS TRADE GROUP LLC, which supplies MAN A22 CNG buses on the basis of a contract, is a dealer of Uz Truck and Bus Motors LLC.

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