16:05 / 07.01.2023

Ministry of Energy calls on every citizen to save energy to get through the winter

“We are getting cold because of our mistakes. But now, at this moment, we can’t get through the winter cold together as a community. It is within our power. If each of us tries to save energy, we will be able to reduce losses”.

Since 2016, a lot of work has been done in the field of providing energy to the population and the economy, the numbers are proof of this. By the winter of this year, it became clear that these measures were not enough: the fuel (natural gas) needed for sufficient production of electricity is not enough. More precisely, the necessary work to create a natural gas reserve has not been done.

It is clear that in this emergency situation, it is necessary to do emergency work. To get through the cold winter as much as possible without losses. And here the well-known truth is embodied – emergency situations occur due to someone’s mistake, but to get rid of them, the action and enthusiasm of the whole people is needed.

Our current situation is the same – if we do not save energy as a whole, as a society, it will be difficult for us to survive the winter.

We bring to your attention the animated address created by the order of the Energy Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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