10:52 / 14.02.2023

Uzbek student Sardorbek helping rescuers in Turkey

Young people from Uzbekistan are among the volunteer rescuers who came to help the city of Islahiya, Gaziantep province. We talked to Sardorbek Khasanov from Kashkadarya, a student at one of the universities of Izmir.

- How did you get here?

- Before we arrived at the place where the earthquake occurred, they told us that the Uzbek soldiers had arrived and they needed a translator who knew Russian, English, and Uzbek. I got in touch with them and came here two days ago.

- What did you witness here?

- As you can see, the situation is unfavorable. The buildings behind us, for example, look intact from the outside, but its foundation has been damaged. It is risky. No one lives. Everyone is now living in tents on the streets. Homeless people have been accommodated in tents, and those who have acquaintances and relatives have gone to the cities.

- How are you helping the population?

- Currently, we are helping together with doctors. In addition, blankets are being delivered to warehouses. We are helping warehouses and doctors.

- Now, after watching this video, many people want to help the people here. What can be donated? What do people need? 

- Everything is needed here now. Mostly people from other countries are giving away clothes that have been worn once. I mean, they should send as much warmer stuff as possible. The air temperature is cooling down to -10 degrees at night. Therefore, warmer clothes are needed.

- How about food?

- Food is being served. In general, foodstuff is sufficient. There is a greater need for warm clothes and hygiene products. There is no water supply here. Allegedly, there are people who could not wash for 10-15 days.

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