14:50 / 13.04.2023

BCE officer who came to collect a debt of 27 million stabbed in Namangan

It was reported that the 36-year-old man who stabbed the public executive was prosecuted 6 times for previous crimes.

Photo: BCE

On April 10, at 15:40, the state bailiff who went to the debtor’s residence to collect a bank loan of 26,982,000 soums and other debts could not find him. When his family told him that he was not there, he called O. Toshboyev and asked him to arrive. The debtor said that he would not come due to various excuses.

The state bailiff indicated that he would initiate compulsory enforcement actions if the debt is not eliminated. According to the BCE information service, the angry man intended to kill the state executive and tried to stab the state executive in the chest with a kitchen knife.

It is noted that the attacker cannot succeed in his intention because the BCE officer was defending himself. However, the employee received a serious injury to the palm of his right hand.

“When the debtor chased after the state enforcer with the aim of killing him, he could not finish the crime because the kitchen knife was taken from him by other state servants participating in the enforcement actions,” the official report reads.

The press service of the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement informed Kun.uz that the 36-year-old debtor citizen was convicted 6 times for a series of crimes.

Khayot Shamsutdinov, the head of the PGO press service, said that a criminal case has been initiated under Part 2, Article 25, 97 (deliberate murder) of the Criminal Code. At the moment, Turakurgan district prosecutor’s office is conducting preliminary investigation.