POLITICS | 11:19 / 05.05.2023
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15-year-old boy who molested girls in kindergarten being prosecuted

A young man (born in 2008) is being interrogated.

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After the parents of the children attending the state kindergarten in Tashkent reported that a nasty situation happened with their daughter, a criminal case was opened, the Tashkent city DIA reported.

“On May 2, 4 citizens appealed to the Chilanzar district DIA. According to them, when their children (6-year-old girls) were sleeping in a preschool educational institution in Chilanzar district, a minor Kh.Sh. (born in 2008) touched various parts of the girls’ bodies with his hands and performed shameless depraved actions. They asked to take legal action against him,” the report reads.

In connection with this case, a criminal case was initiated by the Chilanzar district DIA under Article 119 of the Criminal Code. An investigation is ongoing.

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