20:21 / 09.06.2023

Mirziyoyev holds a meeting with representatives of Italian business circles

As part of the business program of his official visit to Italy, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting in Milan with investors and business representatives from this country.

Photo: Presidential press service  

The meeting with the Italian side was attended by the Governor of the Lombardy region Attilio Fontana, President of the Chamber of Commerce “Italy – Uzbekistan” Giorgio Veronesi, as well as more than 25 heads of leading companies and corporations, associations and financial institutions, such as Eni, Enel, Pietro Fiorentini, Saipem, Energy System, Imagro Group, HT Holding, Danieli, SACE, Ferroli Group, Arsenale Group, Pirelli and others.

“This is my first visit to your amazing country – one of the most ancient cradles of world civilization, the center of the richest cultural heritage and high technologies, a source of inspiration for many generations of artists and poets. It is symbolic that Milan, a modern economic pole, has become the place of our meeting, where active business life is in full swing, innovations and technologies are born, new industries are developing,” the President said, opening the event.

The head of state described the high-level talks held the day before with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni as fruitful and constructive.

“In fact, we opened a new era in the history of relations between our countries, raising them to the level of strategic partnership. We agreed to expand trade and economic cooperation, create comfortable conditions for business, introduce flexible mechanisms for financing joint projects, and support your initiatives in every possible way. We also outlined guidelines for the development of industrial cooperation,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized.

It is noted that representatives of Italian business can make a great contribution to the implementation of all the agreements reached. Moreover, the interest of Italian investors in Uzbekistan was confirmed by a joint business forum held on the eve of the visit, which was attended by about 300 representatives of the business circles of the two countries.

During the meeting, noting the importance of a constructive and open dialogue based on the principles of trust and respect, especially against the backdrop of deep shocks in the global economy and disruption of global supply chains, the head of state expressed Uzbekistan's readiness to provide Italian businesses with broad support measures and an effective platform for their activities in country.

The President dwelled separately on the reforms and transformations carried out in Uzbekistan. Thus, consistent work was noted on the introduction of free market mechanisms, ensuring healthy competition and the inviolability of private property, supporting entrepreneurship, introducing an effective public administration system and other positive changes that create the most comfortable conditions for doing business.

“Today we have created all the conditions for the development and prosperity of your business. Stability, reliable guarantees, and a favorable investment climate have been ensured. I invite each of you to visit our country and see for yourself that the new Uzbekistan is a unique country with truly limitless opportunities,” he said.

A detailed exchange of views took place on plans to expand the partnership. It was noted that Uzbekistan is a strategic partner for Italian companies, opening up opportunities for working with a promising region of Central Asia. Italian businessmen and investors voiced specific proposals and plans for the implementation of joint mutually beneficial projects in Uzbekistan, including the introduction of high-tech and innovative solutions.

For example, they discussed the expansion of interregional cooperation programs with the Lombardy region, promising projects for the modernization of the gas distribution system in Uzbekistan and electrical distribution networks in the city of Tashkent, the technological re-equipment of the Tashkent TPP, the construction of a number of plants, including waste incineration with electricity generation in Tashkent region, purification of potassium chlorine, production of potassium hydroxide, melamine, production of building materials, agricultural machinery, expansion of saffron plantations, increase in production capacity of Uzmetkombinat JSC, creation of the Center of Italian Technologies and Innovations together with the Turin Polytechnic University and others.

In addition, agreements were reached on training personnel in the industrial sector.

The President instructed to include each initiative announced during the meeting in a comprehensive “roadmap”. The heads of ministries and departments of Uzbekistan were instructed to provide all possible assistance to Italian partners in the implementation of current and new projects in the country.

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