POLITICS | 17:25 / 27.06.2023
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$700 million to be attracted for development of auto industry cluster in Jizzakh

Two solar and one thermal power plants will be built in the region with foreign partners.

Photo: UzLiDep press service 

Recently, Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with voters in Jizzakh region.

The head of state said that over the next seven years 85 medical facilities will be built and renovated in the region. It is planned to open branches of 12 specialized medical centers, as well as a center for pediatric cardiac surgery for 500 operations per year.

To meet the demand for housing, 500 multi-apartment buildings will be built. In addition, the population of Jizzakh and six districts will be provided with drinking water through the construction of a main water pipeline from the Zarafshan River for 160 km.

Water supply will be provided to hundreds of mahallas experiencing water shortages. Thanks to this, 320 thousand people will begin to receive clean drinking water, and the availability of water supply for the population will reach 90%.

In addition, the President announced plans to expand the activities of the Jizzakh auto industry cluster. It is planned to attract $700 million in investments from Chinese, Korean and other partners.

Together with China, a $130 million electric car production line will be launched, which, after reaching full capacity, will produce up to 300,000 cars annually. It is also planned to invest $50 million in expanding the production of cars with internal combustion engines.

In turn, South Korean companies will send $235 million to the cluster. Due to this, it is planned to increase the production of cars to 200,000 a year (from 2021, Kia cars are produced there).

Industry requires a stable supply of electricity. To this end, several new power plants will be created in the region, Mirziyoyev added.

Thus, two photovoltaic power plants will be built in the Forish and Gallaaral districts with the participation of investors from China and the United Arab Emirates. Their total capacity will be 750 MW, and the cost will be $700 million.

In the Sharof-Rashidov district, a Turkish company will launch a combined-cycle thermal power plant with a capacity of 450 MW for $350 million (in April, Cengiz Enerji signed an agreement for the construction of a thermal power plant in the region). It is also planned to upgrade 4.5 thousand km of power grids and 1,100 transformers.

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