15:51 / 15.07.2023

Uzbekistan bans people under 18 from working as a baker, butcher and ice cream man

On the territory of the republic, some young guys who are not yet 18 years old work in bakeries and make traditional Uzbek cakes. Some of them work from a young age, learn the trade, eventually open their own bakery and become independent entrepreneurs. Uzbeks call this method the “ustoz-shogird” (“apprenticeship”) system. Authorities have now banned those under the age of 18 from working in bakeries, as well as being assistants to butchers and ice cream makers.

Photo: Kun.uz

By a government decree of July 14 of this year, a list of hard work and work with harmful or dangerous working conditions was approved , in which it is prohibited to use the labor of persons under the age of eighteen.

According to the list, among other things, it is prohibited to use the labor of persons under the age of 18 in the following works:

- coal preparation operator;
- operator in the production of precious metals;
- underground miner;
- spotter concentrates containing diamonds;
- supervisor of the production of ferrous metals;
- grinder of diamonds and especially hard materials;
- locksmith for the repair of equipment in the heating system; 
- oil and gas production operator; 
- operator of a gas distribution station; 
- dispenser of medicines; 
- asphalt concrete worker;
- baker; 
- dough mixer; 
- meat cutter;
- ice cream man; 
- master of carved lace; 
- driver-foreman of a passenger train; 
- duty medical worker of the ambulance station.