12:18 / 13.09.2023

Construction of new airfield in Andijan to be completed in 2024

As part of the reconstruction, 7 aircraft stands and a runway will be built.

Photo: Uzbekistan Airports

It is planned to complete the reconstruction of the international airport in Andijan next year, Uzbekistan Airports reports.

The first stage of construction of a new airfield complex has started at Andijan airport. The project will be implemented from 2023 to 2024. This is expected to help develop tourism and improve the investment climate in the Fergana Valley.

As part of the reconstruction, a runway 3,400 meters long and 60 meters wide, taxiways, and an apron with 7 aircraft parking spaces will be built.

The airport's existing runway has limitations on handling many types of aircraft at night. The reason for this is the low load-bearing capacity of the coating and the lack of a modern lighting system.

Therefore, lighting equipment of the second ICAO category (CAT-II) will be installed at the new airfield, which will make it possible to receive and dispatch all types of aircraft at night and in difficult weather conditions.

From April 1, Andijan International Airport temporarily suspended the reception and departure of aircraft. The reason for the interruption in the operation of the air harbor was the reconstruction of the airfield complex. However, at that time the exact completion date of the work was not announced.