17:46 / 31.05.2024

Most popular names for newborns in Uzbekistan announced

The most popular names in 2023 for newborns in Uzbekistan were Solikha and Muhammadali, according to data from the Public Services Agency.

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Health

These names were chosen for 24,365 and 27,431 children, respectively.

Among girls, the top three were Muslim (15,918) and Yasmina (19,911). Among boys, the second place was taken by the name Mustafo (22,882), and the third place by the name Abdulloh (18,116).

The top 10 names among girls also included: Khadicha, Imona, Shukrona, Sumaya, Ifora, Sadiya and Mubina. And among the boys are Muhammad, Muhammadyusuf, Muhammadamin, Nurmuhammad, Muhammadjon, Imronbek and Muhammadziyo.

Last year, civil registry offices in the country recorded the birth of 968,140 children, of which 501,577 were boys and 466,563 were girls.

In addition, it became known that out of 283,788 registered marriages in 2023, in 85,279 cases, wives took their husband's surname.

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