21:32 / 04.02.2019

Ministry of Economy publishes a list of products recommended for procurement  

Photo: Pixabay

On the website of the Ministry of Economy, a list of import-substituting and export-oriented finished products, components and materials recommended for acquirement by domestic organizations in 2019 has been published. 
In total, there are 477 items in the list. The level of localization in many of them is 36%. They include, for example, many stationery (staplers, staples, scissors, clamps, compasses, pencils, clay, gouache, erasers and so on) and household appliances (mixers, blenders, juicers, hair dryers, toasters, and so on).  
Uzbekistan has a localization program. The decision to include new projects in this program is made by a special interdepartmental commission and the Cabinet of Ministers.
Until 2018, the projects were provided for benefits within the program. But in the spring of last year, they were canceled in order to prevent various unscrupulous enterprises from avoiding taxes. Now the program includes only the projects that are really necessary for the economy and their implementation will be taken under strict control.