20:50 / 17.01.2020
Kabul seeks twin city relations with Tashkent
Photo: LiveJournal

A meeting with the vice-mayor of Kabul was held in the khokimiyat of Tashkent, where the issue of developing mutually beneficial cooperation between Tashkent and Kabul in various spheres was discussed, the official website of the capital’s administration reports.

Speaking about the relations between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, the deputy khokim of Tashkent Sharof Rakhmanov noted that under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, friendly and partnership relations between our countries and peoples have reached a new level. In particular, he drew attention to the development of relations between Tashkent and Kabul and to the wide opportunities for establishing cooperation in almost all areas.

Kabul Vice Mayor Mohammed Fozil Sharifi expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality and voiced a number of proposals for cooperation. 

In particular, speaking of the fact that today Tashkent has many twin cities, he expressed the desire of the Kabul administration to join their ranks.

“Having reported that there are historical buildings in the times of Temurids and Babur in Kabul, Fozil Sharifi noted that the help and advice of our specialists in the process of reconstruction of these facilities will be important to them,” the report said.

Mohammed Fozil Sharifi voiced his proposals to study the experience of the city’s markets, establish close cooperation between the zoos of Tashkent and Kabul, as well as cooperation in the collection and disposal of waste.

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