18:40 / 14.02.2020
“Women behind bars”: Special photo report from Zangiota women’s colony

Kun.uz creative team visited the women’s colony in the Zangiota district. We got closely acquainted with the life and work of prisoners there, and conducted interviews with prisoners.

In the penitentiary, which is unique to Uzbekistan, female prisoners are divided into groups based on the crime rate. There are inmates aged between 18 and 70 years (and above). The colony is divided into separate sections: children’s home, center of culture and education, accommodation, meeting rooms, production area where prisoners work. This photo report shows the colonial life at different angles.

Entrance gate to the Zangiota women’s colony
From the cultural event process
Reading in the library
Music room for prisoners’ children
Manufacturing enterprise
The convicted woman draws a flower pattern on a ceramic dish.
Production made by convicted women 
Convicted women hid their faces, when they were being
Short-term meeting room
Female prisoners are getting ready for lunch
Before going for a meal, they have to sing a song in chorus. 
Meal of female inmates
Lunch time
Kun.uz creative team also had dinner with prisoners
A typical dinner
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