18:08 / 07.03.2020
Part of Temur Malik Street in Tashkent closed for traffic until March 17

In Tashkent, another street has been closed for traffic in the direction of the three-level bridge, which is under construction.

“In order to ensure the safety of the work carried out during the construction of a three-level bridge at the intersection of Parkent, Makhtumkuli and Temur Malik streets, from March 6 to 17, the part of Temur Malik Street from Durmon Yuli Street to the intersection of Makhtumkuli and Parkent Streets will be closed for traffic,” press service of the Tashkent city administration reported.

In addition, the entrance to the intersection of the new bridge, which is being built along the Tuzel block, will be temporarily closed.

“During this period of time, vehicles moving along this route can travel through bypass routes,” the khokimiyat noted.

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