23:17 / 23.06.2020
“Entrance exams to universities may be postponed to a later date” – STC representative

Farkhod Mirzayev, head of department at the State Testing Center (STC), spoke about the changes in the organization of entrance exams this year at an online briefing.

Mirzayev noted that entrance examinations to universities, scheduled for August 1, may be postponed due to the epidemiological situation.

“Entrance exams for the 2020-2021 academic year should begin from August 1. However, the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic may affect the date of tests. In this regard, the duration of quarantine restrictions and the dynamics of registration of applicants will be taken into account,” the STC representative said.

At the briefing, information was also provided on the preparation of allocated buildings for the examination. It is reported that in each building, seats will be organized for a maximum of 754 applicants per shift. Buildings will be disinfected four times a day.

Mirzayev also spoke about the selection process of invigilators for the exam.

“To date, more than 5,300 invigilators have been invited. About 2,000 of them have undergone distance training. It is planned to select another 3,000 observers before the exams,” he said.