10:09 / 25.06.2020
Uzbekistan proposes expanding geography, increasing frequency of rail and bus services between Turkic Council member states

Tourism Ministers of the Turkic Council states (CCTS) held a meeting in a video conference format. The Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the State Committee on Tourism Development, Aziz Abdukhakimov, represented Uzbekistan in the conference.

Photo: uzbektourism.uz

The parties discussed the current state of the tourism industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, the experience of member countries on the revitalization of the tourism sector, measures to restore the tourism exchange between the states, as well as various projects and initiatives aimed at developing the tourism industry in the member states of the Council.

During the conference, Aziz Abdukhakimov put forward a number of initiatives. In particular, he noted the relevance of the formation of combined tours following the journeys of the great Turkic scholars. 

It was proposed to start the development of a cross-border tour across the mausoleum of Ahmad Yassavi in Turkestan, the memorial complex of Zangiota in the Tashkent region and Hakim ota Bokirgoniy in the Kungirot district of Karakalpakstan.

The Uzbek side also proposed to consider the possibility of establishing a specialized satellite television channel that would promote the tourism potential of the Council countries.

“We propose forming a unified calendar of cultural events of the member states, which will be used to coordinate the organization of various festivals demonstrating the cultures and traditions of the Turkic-speaking countries,” Abdukhakimov said. 

“It was also proposed to launch a joint project to improve the digitization of tourism, including the creation of a common Internet portal with the Single Map of Destinations in the Council countries, which will provide our citizens and potential tourists from other regions with detailed and reliable information on the history, culture, traditions and modern life of the Turkic peoples, will allow sharing virtual tours and excursions to increase the attractiveness of our sights with the use of online guides and VR technologies,” said Abdukhakimov.

During the online conference, the Deputy Prime Minister proposed to expand the geography, flight directions and their frequency, rail and bus connections between the major cities of the member states.