21:00 / 28.10.2020
UzAuto Motors comments on traffic accident with participation of its car-carrying trailer

Car-carrying trailer, transporting UzAuto Motors vehicles, was involved in a traffic accident.

On the video, one can see that the car hauler collided with another truck.

As the press service of the company reported, on October 24, the car-carrying trailer was transporting vehicles produced by UzAuto Motors to a dealership center in the city of Urgench.

“Near the town of Gazli, Bukhara region, on the A-380 highway, a KAMAZ truck crashed into the trailer. During the investigation, it was revealed that the KAMAZ driver fell asleep and lost control over his truck, as a result of which both vehicles and the cars transported by the car hauler were seriously damaged,” the statement reads.

It also became known that no one was injured in the accident.

At present, the road safety department of the Romitan district, Bukhara region is conducting a preliminary investigation with the participation of the company’s road safety specialists.

The company also said that UzAuto Motors products damaged as a result of the accident will be returned to the plant for further disposal after assessing the damage by specialists.