21:32 / 07.01.2021
Anti-Corruption Agency proposes obliging all public officials, including the President, to declare their income 

The bill, developed by the agency, covers all categories of officials who are obliged to declare their property and assets. The President and the Prime Minister are among them.

Uzbekistan has developed a draft law on assets and income declaration for all civil servants. The Anti-Corruption Agency submitted the draft to the relevant authorities for approval.

This was announced at a press conference on January 7 with the participation of agency officials.

According to Utkirbek Namazbayev, the official of the department, the bill provides for the declaration of income of officials at all levels.

“The whole range of officials is covered – from the bottom to the top. That is, the President, the Prime Minister, the whole staff of the Presidential Administration in general, the Cabinet of Ministers, the republican organizations, the authorities, the judiciary, the prosecutor’s office… all of them will be obliged to declare their assets and income in accordance with the draft we have developed,” he said.

Ўткирбек Намозбоев

Umida Tukhtasheva, deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, said that it is too early to say what the declaration procedure will be like. The bill is likely to be passed in mid-2021 or at the end of the year.

Умида Тўхташева

Earlier, the agency’s director Akmal Burkhonov said that from 2021, officials will fill out a mandatory declaration of assets and income.

According to Burkhonov, disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability should be introduced into the legislation for civil servants, who do not complete the declaration or enter incorrect information in it.