17:03 / 01.02.2021
Marriage certificate can now be obtained online
Photo: KUN.UZ

A certificate of marriage registration, celibacy or divorce can now be obtained online, the Single Portal of Interactive State Services reports.

“Every month, thousands of our compatriots are asked for this certificate. Now they don’t have to wait in queues in the civil registry offices. This service will be provided through the portal and will save your time,” the statement reads.

It is noted that the applicant registers on the Single Portal of Interactive State Services and fills out a form. Then the payment of the specified amount should be made. The request will be sent to the Civil Registry Office.

The Civil Registry Office records a QR-coded reference and sends it through the portal.

If the information requested is not available in the Civil Registry Office, it is sent to the archives of civil status records of the State Services Agency under the Ministry of Justice and the applicant is notified.

The service is provided within 3 working days. Payment amount – 4.5% of the BCA.