17:44 / 27.12.2021
Single platform “Electronic library” of all state universities to be launched

In 2022, group journals, rating books and attendance tables will be digitized in universities.

Photo: jizpi.uz

The presidential decree “On additional measures to ensure the academic and organizational-managerial independence of public higher education institutions” was adopted.

According to it, by the end of 2022, the textbooks of all state universities will be fully electronic and a single “Electronic library” platform will be launched.

The paper form of reporting will be abolished in higher education institutions, and the Higher Education Process Management Information System will be introduced in Phase 1 (until March 1, 2022):

- “Management of the educational process” section (attendance, mastering account and rating book, group journal, lesson and exam schedules will be digitized);
- “Management of scientific process” section;
- “Management of administrative process” section;
- “Management of financial and economic activities” section;

In the second stage (until May 1, 2022), the “Education quality control” section will be introduced.