11:47 / 09.08.2022

Doniyor Ganiyev: Khokims should be deprived of the right to be deputies and senators

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis Doniyor Ganiyev said that the right of khokims to be elected to local councils, as well as to become senators, should be limited. 

Photo: Kun.uz

“After adopting the new version of the Constitution, a decision should be made to amend the legislation. In fact, under the current legislation, a representative of the executive branch cannot become a deputy, that is, a representative of the legislative branch. An exception was made only for khokims,” the people’s representative said

According to him, when changes are made to the Electoral Code, khokims should be deprived of the right to be elected deputies and should become accountable to the council of their level. 

The deputy stressed that one of the main tasks of the Council is to control the executive power. 

“This illogicality is not limited to local councils. It also has partial influence on the upper house of parliament. The heads of the 14 regions also become senators. This is a continuation of the question above. If the Electoral Code deprives them of the right to be deputies, they will not have the right to be senators. This plays an important role in establishing effective control over the executive power by deputies,” Ganiyev concluded.

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