20:27 / 31.08.2022
President names 5 main tasks to be performed until 2026

Shavkat Mirziyoev spoke about how the New Uzbekistan will look like.

Photo: Presidential press service

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev made a speech at the ceremony dedicated to the thirty-first anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At the beginning of his speech, the head of state congratulated the whole nation on the great day - Independence Day.

“Years, centuries will pass. But the Independence Day, which restored our national statehood, identity and human rights, and is the foundation of all our achievements and milestones, will always be the greatest and dearest holiday for us and our future generations,” the President said.

Today, the head of state noted that the development strategy of New Uzbekistan is being rapidly implemented.

“New Uzbekistan:

- provides wide opportunities to use public services in order to further improve the life of every citizen;
- creates all conditions for people to openly talk about their problems and work together to solve them; 
- provides the opportunity to ensure justice for everyone and its citizens are equal before the law, regardless of their social status;
- is a state where the necessary conditions for the development of entrepreneurship have been created. 

In a word, “New Uzbekistan” means an open and fair society that cares for every citizen,” the President said. 

In order to achieve these high goals, the President defined 5 main tasks within the framework of the Development Strategy until 2026. 

First, in the field of education, we will consistently continue to create the most favorable conditions for our children to master modern knowledge and skills. For this purpose, school curriculums, teaching methods, and the content of textbooks will be fundamentally revised. 

Second, a fair solution to any disputed issue should be found only by a court of justice. Any interference in the work of judges will be severely punished, all necessary conditions will be created for their undisturbed work. 

Thirdly, through the development of business, additional jobs will be created, poverty will be reduced, and the income of the population will increase. For this purpose, all obstacles to private property and entrepreneurship will be removed. State administration will be reformed, and state participation in the economy will be sharply reduced.

Fourth, the access to better quality and qualified medical services will be expanded to the population in the healthcare system. In all regions, the coverage of emergency medical care will be increased and brought closer to people.

Fifth, the issue of providing the population with clean drinking water is always in the center of attention. The amount of investments in the industry will be increased dramatically.

“Of course, it is natural that various difficulties and problems will appear in front of us in the implementation of such large-scale tasks. But our brave and steadfast people, who have experienced many trials and hardships in their history, are able to overcome any difficulties. I firmly believe that.

Our Constitution, the main author and creator of which is our people, serves as a strong legal basis in this way.

We adopt our basic law without haste, after thinking deeply, consulting with our people, and only on the basis of a national referendum.

I am sure that our new Constitution will be  a truly people’s Constitution.

Taking this opportunity, I sincerely bow to our hardworking, noble and tolerant people who actively support our reforms and are always selfless in their implementation.

I once again congratulate you, dear compatriots, on the thirty-first anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence and wish you all good health, happiness and blessings to your families.

May the Almighty God protect us all!

May our country be peaceful, our people be safe and our independence be eternal!” the head of state said.

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