11:44 / 03.09.2022
Number of documents submitted for obtaining an international passport reduced

Information about the new possibilities of obtaining a biometric passport for traveling abroad has been published.

Фото: KUN.UZ

To obtain a biometric passport for traveling abroad, citizens may apply to any Public Services Center or internal affairs body on an extraterritorial basis.

At present, the practice of filling out a paper application-questionnaire has been completely abandoned; an electronic mechanism for filling out a questionnaire has been introduced.

In some complex cases, the number of certificates and documents that must be provided by service recipients has been reduced.

In particular, the requirement to provide a copy of a military ID or a copy of a certificate of registration to the military registration and enlistment office for persons liable for military service aged 18 to 27 years has been abolished.

In cases where parents jointly apply for a passport for minors, their notarized consent is no longer required.

The relevant stages of the provision of public services are automatically notified by sending SMS messages, and citizens can check their status through the Single Portal or the website of the State Personalization Center. 

When issuing international passports to minors, if the person accompanying this minor is the father and (or) mother, a notarized obligation of the accompanying person is also not required.

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