11:04 / 22.03.2023

SUBYEKTIV and Mazza recognized best projects of 2022

The SUBYEKTIV social broadcasting project and the Mazza culinary-entertainment project, which are sponsored by Kun.uz, were among the winners at the Digital Marketing Awards 2023 international forum held in Tashkent.

On March 19-20, the Digital Marketing Awards 2023 International Forum was held at the Hilton Hotel in Tashkent. Russian and Belarusian speakers with international experience in marketing took part in the event.

The annual Tashkent Digital Marketing Forum award is given to the most successful brands, projects, authors of digital content during the past year.

Among the winners of this year’s forum, SUBYEKTIV and Mazza projects sponsored by Kun.uz were duly awarded.

SUBYEKTIV was recognized as the best social content of 2022.

The Mazza project was recognized as the best culinary content of 2022.

SUBYEKTIV is a creative project of the team led by Jamshidkhon Ziyokhonov, and since 2021, it has been creating video content on acute social topics and educational direction. At the moment, the project has more than 560 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Mazza is a culinary-entertainment video project. In it, the main character Otakhon Yusupov prepares national and foreign dishes in the bosom of nature, this process is presented to the viewer in the “no comment” style, in harmony with live sounds.

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