18:21 / 30.03.2023

Dauletmurat Tajimuratov and some defendants file appeals

On January 31, the court announced the verdict following the consideration of the criminal case against 22 defendants accused of committing riots in the city of Nukus on July 1-2, 2022. 

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It should be recalled that Dauletmurat Tajimuratov, the organizer of mass riots in Karakalpakstan, was sentenced to 16 years. He will spend the first two years of his term in prison, and the rest in a strict regime colony. The former administrator of the “Makan” online publication, Lolagul Kallikhanova, was released from the courtroom. Other defendants were sentenced to various terms, more information can be found here. 

Later, the court announced the verdict against 39 defendants in the case of the riots in Nukus.

Today, March 30, the press service of the Supreme Court reported that the defendants D. Tajimuratov, P. Shamshetov (deceased), S. Kalimov, S. Kaipov, A. Temirkhanov, S. Medetov, N. Sultamuratov, A. Tokymbetov, R. Bekmuratov, B. Seitniyazov, A. Adilbekov, P. Nurniyazov, N. Nayipov, B. Kadirbergenov, D. Djimuratov, K. Seitimov and their lawyers filed appeals, the prosecutor’s office filed a protest against this court verdict regarding the defendants L. Kallikhanova, A. Turdanov, A. Smetullayev and A. Nuratdinov.

“The criminal case regarding the above-named defendants, on the basis of the complaints filed and the protest made, will be considered on appeal by the Supreme Court Judicial Collegium for Criminal Cases,” the report reads.

The date and time of the consideration of the criminal case by the court of appeal will be announced later.

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