19:16 / 25.08.2023

Uzbek referee and player face lifetime ban from football for “match fixing”

The player of Andijan-SGS club and the referee of the center of football referees of Uzbekistan tried to make money from bookmaking.

Photo: UFA

It was found that the players of Andijan-SGS club and the referee of the center of football referees of Uzbekistan, Lochin Dolimov, colluded and fixed a match, the Uzbekistan Football Association reported.

It is noted that this issue was discussed at the next meeting of the Ethics Committee of the association.

As it turns out, Lochin Dolimov, who has been a referee in the Pro League of Uzbekistan, tried to fix matches by establishing contact with a foreigner A. on Telegram through his acquaintance.

Also, Lochin Dolimov colluded with the players of the club Andijon-SGS Shahbozbek Jumaboev, Dilmurod Abdukakhorov and Javohir Qilichev, influencing the result of the match between Navbahor Farm and Andijon-SGS in the Pro League on May 25, 2023, with the help of third parties. He made financial gains by betting through bookmakers.

At the meeting, the Ethics Committee found Lochin Dolimov guilty of violating the relevant clauses of the UFA Disciplinary Code. He was banned for life from all football-related activities and fined. Shahbozbek Jumaboev, a player of Andijon-SGS club, was also banned from football for life.

Dilmurod Abdukakhhorov was banned from all activities related to football for a period of 2 years and fined. In relation to Javohir Qilichev, a one-year suspension from all football-related activities and a fine were imposed.

“Uzbekistan Football Association informs that it regularly cooperates with FIFA, AFC, Sportradar and other relevant organizations to determine match fixing. On the other hand, it warns that strict measures will be taken against the guilty persons in connection with the cases that will be determined in the future,” the report reads.

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