16:02 / 27.05.2024

Driver detained for assaulting traffic policeman in Karakalpakstan

A Matiz driver has been detained in the Turtkul district of Karakalpakstan for assaulting a traffic policeman from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as reported by the ministry's press service.

Photo: Frame from the video

On May 21, a traffic policeman stopped a vehicle that appeared suspicious and requested documentation from the driver.

The driver confrontationally asked, "Why are you approaching me?" before striking the officer. He actively resisted the officer's lawful duties and inflicted physical harm.

Authorities have initiated a criminal case against the driver under Article 219-2 of the Criminal Code for resisting a government official or a person carrying out a public duty, and under part "d" of Article 277-3 for committing hooliganism. The driver was taken into custody in accordance with legal procedures.

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