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Flood and mudflow risks announced in five regions of Uzbekistan

The possibility of rainwater accumulation exists in the Surkhandarya and Tashkent regions, as well as the Fergana Valley, which could lead to flooding in these areas.


Due to expected rains on June 30 and July 1 this year, incidents of flood and mudflows may occur in the foothill and mountainous areas of the republic.

According to Uzhydromet, floods and mudflows may be observed in the following regions:

🔹Surkhandarya region: in the districts of Sariosiyo, Uzun, Oltinsoy, Denov, Boysun, Sherobod, Shurchi, Kumkurgon, Muzrabot;
🔹Tashkent region: in the districts of Ohangaron, Bostanlyk, Parkent, Pskent, Urta Chirchik, Yukori Chirchik, and the cities of Angren and Olmalyk;
🔹Namangan region: in the districts of Pop, Kosonsoy, Chortok, Chust, Namangan, Yangikurgon;
🔹Fergana region: in the districts of Sokh, Shohimardon, Fergana, Besharyk;
🔹Andijan region: in the districts of Andijan, Asaka, Jalakuduk, Kurgontepa, Pakhtaobod, Izboskan, Khujaobod, Marhamat, and the city of Khanabad.

Residents living in the foothills and mountainous areas, as well as vacationers and drivers traveling through these regions, are advised to take precautionary measures.

In the Surkhandarya, Tashkent regions, and the Fergana Valley, there is a possibility of rainwater accumulation, which could result in flooding of the territories.

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