17:06 / 16.05.2020
Deputy Finance Minister clarifies how financial sources will be organized to construct houses in Sardoba 

The International Press Club has held a session on the topic “Sardoba 2020: Testing, Solidarity, Labor and Quality” to discuss the incident at the Sardoba reservoir.

Photo: IPC

At the event, Deputy Finance Minister Yorqin Tursunov spoke about the sources of construction of houses in Sardoba.

“Citizens, bloggers, our journalists should not be wondering if the regions are involved in the construction of houses. For this purpose, we have allocated 70 billion soums from the republican budget to the Mahalla Charitable Fund. 5 billion soums were allocated to 14 regions. Other donations received by the Fund will also be used for this purpose.

I want to reiterate that there is not any financial burden on the regions. The President particularly emphasized, “you get the job done, the state pays the money”.

It is not yet clear how much money will be spent on the project. Experts are studying the extent of damage to homes. Once it is clear, this work will be completed within the allocated funds,” Yorqin Tursunov said.

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