11:56 / 07.12.2020
Guljahon Yuldasheva’s case: The deceased’s wife opposes granting relief to Yuldasheva

On November 27, the Chirchik city court on criminal proceedings began hearing the criminal case against Guljahon Yuldasheva, a former chief doctor of the Tashkent Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital. On December 4, the next session of the court hearing was held, Kun.uz correspondent reported from the courtroom.

On October 6, the Chirchik city court on criminal proceedings changed the measure of restraint imposed on Guljahon Yuldasheva to house arrest and imposed a number of restrictions on her – not leaving the house, not communicating with strangers and not using the phone or social networks.

During the court hearing, Yuldasheva asked for easing the conditions of her house arrest, citing a number of reasons.

She said that her youngest child had contracted pneumonia a few days ago and she had to get permission from the investigator to seek emergency medical care due to the harsh conditions of house arrest. When the ambulance arrived, physicians advised taking the child to the hospital. However, this process required the participation of the mahalla’s prophylactic inspector, who arrived late on that day. They wasted 4 hours waiting for his arrival. She added that currently, she is not even allowed to take the children for a walk, and her husband is at work from morning till night.

Speaking at the court, Guljahon Yuldasheva’s lawyer, Khushnud Akhrorov, asked for relief against his client.

“She has six children. The eldest is 12 and the youngest is 2 years old. In addition, her health is now seriously deteriorating, because she suffered from the coronavirus disease when she was under pre-trial detention. Therefore, I ask you to change the precautionary measure applied against her with a measure of decency,” the lawyer said.

The court also listened to the views of public prosecutors on the request of Guljahon Yuldasheva.

“On September 9, 2020, Guljahon Yuldasheva was detained as a precautionary measure. On October 6, this precautionary measure was changed to house arrest. I urge you to reject the request, as there are no grounds to change the precautionary measure at this time,” the prosecutor said.

The second prosecutor also supported his colleague’s opinion and asked the court to reject Yuldasheva’s request.

Also, the presiding judge gave the floor to Kamola Rustamova, the wife of Farrukh Rustamov, a doctor who was treated at the Tashkent Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital and then died at the Psychiatric Dispensary. The widow of the deceased asked the court to reject Guljahon Yuldasheva’s request and not to change the precautionary measure of house arrest.

The jury entered the deliberations. The process is ongoing.

For information, on September 8, it was reported that Guljahon Yuldasheva had been arrested. The Prosecutor General’s Office commented on the case and said that she was involved in the case as a defendant under Article 167-3 (a) (large-scale embezzlement) and Article 207-3 (a) (causing the death of a person due to the professional negligence) of the Criminal Code, and she was taken into custody as a precautionary measure. Her arrest sparked widespread debate among the public. Leaders of a number of government and non-government organizations reacted to the incident and called on the prosecutor’s office to change the precautionary measures taken against the doctor.

She was released from prison in early October, and the detention measure imposed on her was changed to house arrest by court order.