10:33 / 26.11.2021

About 200 migrant workers say they have not been paid in Russia for several months

Kun.uz editorial office received a request from migrant workers in Russia. They claim they have not been paid for several months. In addition, their passports may have been confiscated.

According to migrants, patent applications have also expired, but there is no information about the new patent. They say that they were sent to work by the Foreign Labor Migration Agency. Workers are given an advance of 1.5 thousand rubles a week. However, they have not been paid for several months.

According to the video report, the employer is “Konstanta” (firm), located at Komsomolskaya Street 4, Vyazma, Smolensk Oblast. One of the migrants, who spoke to Kun.uz, provided a photo of the contract. It states that the company is a limited liability company “Vanta” registered in Moscow. The migrant worker said the company specializes in seafood processing.

The contract also includes salary clauses. It was noted that the salary is 45-50 thousand rubles for 28 days of work in 1 month and is paid in cash. Under the agreement, the first month salary will be deducted for transportation and other expenses. It is noted that the salary is paid every 10 days from the second month. In addition, an advance of 500 rubles is paid 3 times a week.

However, migrants say the terms of the contract are not being followed by the employer.

Kun.uz is waiting for relevant comments on the situation from the competent authorities.

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